6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds in front of a green car and lots of other actors

What happens when you mix Netflix, Michael Bay, the writers of Deadpool/Zombieland, Ryan Reynolds and the biggest budget the Streaming-Service has seen so far? The action film “6 Underground”, that’s what happens. On this project, I was again working with Scanline VFX Stuttgart and responsible for Digital Doubles, Rotomation and…

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix

“Dark Phoenix” is the latest and last entry in the Fox-Saga of X-Men. After moving to Stuttgart to work with Scanline VFX yet again, I was responsible for layout, technical animation, the animation of digital doubles and layout for FX for several shots in the final “train sequence”. Synopsis:“Jean Grey…

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The First

In the Hulu-Original-Series The First, I was credited as an animation artist for 2 Episodes, mainly doing technical animation for Episode 8 during my time at Scanline VFX. Later on I also contributed to additional animation for the VFX Breakdown created for the VES-awards (shown below). The series is about…

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