Animation Showreel 2017

This showreel solely focuses on my animation skills and is aimed towards animation studios or people who are specifically looking for 3D- or Character-Animation.


Legende_Breakdown_0041. 00:05-00:17 – Die Geschichte einer Legende (“The Story of a Legend”)
Animation of the Stag Beetle .
Background-Characters were handled by another animator.




Legende_Breakdown_0012. 00:17-00:23 – Die Geschichte einer Legende (“The Story of a Legend”)
Lead Animator for “Rupert” the scarecrow.
I was also responsible for Rigging “Rupert” and the nCloth Simulation of his poncho, pants and belts.




meta0023. 00:23-00:33 – META
Selected scenes from the short. I animated all visible 3d-objects.
I was also responsible for Rigging, Matchmoving and Motion Tracking of the (invisible) CG-standin for shadows and cutoffs.



4. 00:33-00:39 – When John Goes Outside

Animation of “John” looking for his caterpillar. As the Project wasn’t finished at the time of writing I used the Soundtrack from RIFT, which was done by Andreas Posch.





5. 00:39-00:48 – Die Geschichte einer Legende
Animation Process for the Scarecrow from Reference to final output.
For more tasks on this project, see 2.



Reel2016_Anim_0026. 00:48-00:52 – RIFT

Animation of all visible characters (alpine climber “Walther” and the demon).
For more tasks on this project, see 4.




aniR16_0087. 00:52-01:03 – Die Geschichte einer Legende
Animation of the Scarecrow (Foreground character), Background characters were handled by another animator.
For more tasks on this project, see 2.



If not stated otherwise, every clip uses its original soundtrack.

Shoreless – Uferlos

“A journey into the depths of a human soul that was forced into stagnation: A young voyager meets an aged downshift in a solitary paradisian cabin, which soon unfolds its mysterious aura. The fate of the old man slides like a sling around the neck of the adolescent… and forces…

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When John Goes Outside

„When John Goes Outside“ is a 3D animated short film and tells the story of John and Flabby – a story about friendship, but also about life and death. I had the honour of animating some shots on the movie (one can be seen in this reel). The movie was…

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Giesswein: Merino Runners

  “Giesswein’s Merinor Runners are the World’s first Fashion Outdoor Runners made from pure Merino Wool. The natural air chambers in the Merino wool ensure ideal temperature regulation and prevent the odors through their antibacterial fiber structure.” As part of their campaign for kickstarter, Giesswein approached me to create a…

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Geschichte einer Legende

– For english subtitles, click on the “Gear”-symbol! – “Die Geschichte einer Legende” – a 40-minute short – tells the tale of two boys who become friends after taking playful trips into their world of fantasy. Their parents, however, do not agree with their activities… To bring said childhood fantasies to life,…

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Rift: a fissure, crevasse, a clear space or interval, Estrangement. „RIFT“ is an animated short which tells the story of a mountain climber named Walther and his inner struggles, and a master’s degree project by animation students of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. The project was just recently finished, more…

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Meta is a short, metaphorical VFX-experiment that shows a surreal, humanoid creature. The strange entity with two upper bodies gets shot with an extraordinary, black liquid which leads to the growth of mechanical sprouts. These seedlings slowly develop into mor complex machines which start to overgrow the body. Said being is a visual…

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Traditional Anim Practice

My results from a one-week workshop in traditional animation at the “Kunst-Sommer Viktring 2016”. Some scans could be better and especially the stop-motion-part could need a lot of work, but this wasn’t meant to be professional anyways. Just some goofing around. I used the programs  Hue Animation and Monkey Jam…

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