Meta is a short, metaphorical VFX-experiment that shows a surreal, humanoid creature. The strange entity with two upper bodies gets shot with an extraordinary, black liquid which leads to the growth of mechanical sprouts. These seedlings slowly develop into mor complex machines which start to overgrow the body.

Said being is a visual metaphor for Freud’s Metapyschology. The upper bodies represent the opposites of id and super-ego while the colors are the external influences which finally lead the ego to grow from those joined beings.


meta001 meta003 meta004


Vienna Content Award – 1st Place in “Characters” 2012 – “Die  ZIT – Die Technologieagentur der Stadt Wien GmbH”

Art Director’s Club Hamburg – Silver Nail (Silberner Nagel) in “Nachwuchswettbewerb 2013 – Semesterarbeiten” 2013 – Art Directors Club Hamburg

Filmforum Linz – Nomination (Auszeichnung) in “Future – Der junge Film” 2012 – Filmforum Linz


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