2012 – End of the World


Two practice projects for the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, MultiMediaArt. The first was a simple example for Maya-particles. The timing for the movement was mandatory. Since it didn’t look “realistic” without an external source to make the particles move and stop I added a “supernova” in After Effects to make it look as if it was breathing. The space background was created with Photoshop.

The secon video re-used said explosion and was the opener for my 2012 showreel. 2012 was one of those dates that predicted the end of the world, so I thought why not make something out of it?
Earth gets tranformed by a giant Tibetian Wire-Mandala. The idea came to my mind while looking at my desk, which carried such a mandala and a stress ball with a globe texture at the time.

3D-Animation and Particles made with Maya, Post-Effects done with After Effects. Earth Textures by NASA.

Music (Opening 2012):

BGM is an extract from my own audio-track “Space Dragons”
Sound Effect by Michael Manzke

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