Giesswein: Merino Runners


“Giesswein’s Merinor Runners are the World’s first Fashion Outdoor Runners made from pure Merino Wool. The natural air chambers in the Merino wool ensure ideal temperature regulation and prevent the odors through their antibacterial fiber structure.”

As part of their campaign for kickstarter, Giesswein approached me to create a product visualisation of 12 of their color variants in print and web-quality and a Web-Video-Turntable of the then-still-in-production Merino Shoe. To ensure the final product is presented correctly, Giesswein sent me a prototype to perform a 3D-scan on, using Agisoft Photoscan. The 3D-scan was then used as a base to adapt the model to the actual blueprints of the final design and as a reference for the Materials. Merino-Textures were provided, the other textures were created from scratch. Vray was used for the final render.

Special thanks to werkvoll for providing Advice and Software!



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